We have always been concerned about nature and the animals that live in it, so we joined the WWF’s “Enterprise for Nature” programme and made a donation to their “For Nature For Us” initiative.

This initiative aims to make as many people as possible aware of the close link between health and the environment. There can be no future for us without a future for the planet. An international programme that embraces the most challenging issues for the entire planet: from the climate to deforestation and poaching.

The urgency of a global awareness of future scenarios such as destruction, degradation and exploitation, gave Abbazia the input to create a dedicated Line: the Zoë Line.

The Zoë Line, in support of our support of “FOR NATURE FOR US”, will be the means to convey to our customers the importance of acting now!

Zoë, comes from the Greek word ζωη, meaning “life” or more precisely the “essence of life”. There could be no more appropriate name for a line whose objective is to promote the protection of all the living beings that inhabit our wonderful Planet Earth.

Among the many endangered species, Abbazia has chosen 7 to be included as visuals on its labels.

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