Fontanette Vineyard

Fontanette vineyard has been recently acquired by the family. The 14 hectars Vineyard sits on a sunny plateau where the enchanting fontanette lake makes this landscape one of its kind.

Next to the Abbazia cellar (sits between the valley floor and the foot of the Moncucco hill) this estate is a large sunny plateau surrended by the rude hills with significant differences in height. It has a master house with a romantic central lake surrended by white Moscato and Freisa vines.

The soil is of a clayey type with sandy-limestone mixtures. A balanced mix that makes this soil fairly compact and rich in potassium thanks to the clayey part, but not too dense thanks to the residual sandy part and at the same time rich in carbonates (limestone part). The good water retention capacity and the absorbent power help the vine to grow strong and healthy even during periods of drought. From this soil borns smooth wines, with rich in extract, with excellent aromatic propensity and overall good acidity.

The average age of the vines is relatively young thanks to a plant that has been recently completed. The low slope (maximum 10%) retains the humidity of the morning dew well. This plateau has a south-east exposure and therefore remains kissed by the sun until sunset. The planting density is 5000 plants per ha with a distance of 230 x 90 cm to facilitate mechanical work and good ventilation of the vineyard. The system is the traditional Guyot one.

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