La Giungla Vineyard

La Giungla vineyard with a surface of 4.6 hectars sits on dramatically steep slopes even steeper than 30%, with a great south-eastern exposure. The presence of dry stone walls and traditional farms makes the landscape unique.

The name La Giungla (the Jungle) reminds to the “wild” state of 30 years ago when it was aquired. Due to dramatical steep slopes its was neglected for ages. The bold and obstinate resilience typical of the Piedmontese peasant culture has best expressed itself by stealing from the impervious nature shreds of very fertile land by creating stairways with dry stone walls. The same Langa stone is the one used for the private master house in the center of the estate.

The estate is an example of “viticultura eroica” (heroic vine-grower). The Giungla estate sits on a steep slopes which gets to touch 40% with an elevation of 350 mt above the sea. Although the planting density is about 6,000 plants / ha, it is largely compensated by the slope of the soil with the result that the quantity produced never exceeds 7/8 tons / ha, however with an excellent quality.

The exposure East – South – East caught the sun just when it raise, floading the vines from the ground to the top allowing a perfect maturation and life cycle.

The calcareou soil contains sand in fair percentage. So it is a white and dry land. With a land drought tendent and less compact the roots have to go down in to depths, but at the same time roots can reach precious mineral salts that gives to the grapes complexity with less phytosanitary treatments. The slope grants an excellent harvest especially during the rainy years. The complete maturation occurs already in late August when the manual harves happens with a lot of phisical effort.

The must of white moscato for Asti and Moscato d’Asti DOCG comes from this vineyard is well balanced with great complexity and great aromatic quality.

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